The biggest question I get is:

Where are the Owls and when is the best time to see them? 

When can you see the owls?

The Florida Burrowing Owls do not migrate, so adults can be seen all year round. During the summer, the owls have sense enough to stay out of the hot sun, so they are a little harder to find. Nesting season officially began in mid-February and lasts through mid-July,  so typically chicks are seen in late April through early summer and by late summer they are fully grown.  Click here for more information on when you should come to see the owls.

Where can you see the owls?

As for where can you see the owls, Cape Coral is 100 square miles in size, has 400 miles of canals, and over 3000 Burrowing Owl burrows.  If you drive all around town and look hard enough, you will probably come across a occupied burrow.  But forewarned, you are going to get very lost and very frustrated as nearly every street in  Cape Coral dead-ends at a canal. In addition, the little owls blend in very well with the sandy soil and vegetation we have here in Cape Coral, so they are often not easy to find. You may get lucky and find one sitting on one of the perches set out for them, but it is a hit and miss, albeit not impossible task. This is of course free.

Your second option is to go to the City of Cape Coral website for a free map of Burrowing Owl locations.  This map was produced in 2005 (yes, over 10 years ago),  and the sites have been over stressed by so many visitors, to the point that you probably will not see owls at these locations.  This site is, however, is a good place to print out a simple map to help you navigate around the City. Again, this is a free option.

City of Cape Coral Burrowing Owl Map

Your third option is to take a guided tour to see the Burrowing Owls. For more information on these informative and fun private to semi-private tours go to the Burrowing Owl Tour Information page. These tours are conducted from November through early April with limited tour availability the rest of the year. You will be taken to various Burrowing Owls sites and learn all about the Burrowing Owls accompanied by a knowledgable guide.

Burrowing Owl sightings are guaranteed or the tour is free.

Also available as a fourth option is to purchase maps and addresses of 20+ Burrowing Owl locations.  The cost for this $20.00. Proceeds from the sale of these locations is used for educational purposes, to spread the word about these beautiful little birds.

Send a check or money order to:

Beverly Saltonstall

4919 SW 3rd Avenue

Cape Coral, FL 33914

or via PayPal using the eMail

Please allow plenty of time ahead of your trip to obtain these locations.  They can be send electronically or paper copy as desired.