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Cape Coral Burrowing Owls Photos


I had a very weird occurance last night.  A fellow birder sent me a photo of a Burrowing Owl to post on our club website.  When I clicked on the photo I heard the distinctive calling of a male Burrowing Owl. My computer speakers aren’t working well so I couldn’t raise the sound.  I just sat there for a minute trying to figure out how he got a sound clip in his photo!!!  I finally said to myself this isn’t possible, so I went outside and low and behold there was a Burrowing Owl calling for a mate in front of my house.

Cape Coral Burrowing Owl
Cape Coral Burrowing Owl

At the moment I don’t have any owls living in my burrow, but I am hoping this guy takes over the burrow.  Love is in the air!

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