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For those of you who haven’t read the book “Hoot” by Carl Hiaasen, it is a book about 3 kids who try to save Burrowing Owl habitat from destruction when developers want to build Mother Paula’s Pancake House on the property.

Today in the news, a real life scenario is taking place in Las Vegas, where the last vestiges of a natural area exists in a small neighborhood.  Over the years the area has systematically been degraded and now they say the area is unworthy of protection.  The locals see the area as a serene place to see butterflies, hummingbirds and of course a Burrowing Owl.

They are putting up a valiant fight to save the area from being turned into a nursing home facility.  Money talks! Guess who will most likely win.

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Las Vegas Valley wash facing potential development

And the saga continues.  Residents of a Hollywood, FL suburb are fighting to save the Burrowing Owl there from development.

Golf course construction threatening burrow owls, Hollywood residents say


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