Owls and Farmers

Cape Coral Burrowing Owls In the News Photos

Owls, especially Barn Owls have incredible vision and hearing, have  sharp talons, and they love to eat mice.  And if that isn’t enough, their feather structure allows them to fly silently through the skies.

These attributes make them very good hunters and they love to eat rodents.  A  recent study by Israeli scientists  found that when barn owls and kestrels were prominent in an agricultural area, the used of toxic pesticides could be reduced by 50% to 90%.

This is a win-win-win for all. The owls and kestrels are well fed, the farmers are happy they don’t have the added expense of pesticides and have better crops, and the consumers are not eating pesticide laden foods.

It is estimated that a small family of burrowing owls can eat as many as 1500 mice a year.  Having Burrowing Owls nearby, greatly reduces the rodent population.- FOR FREE!
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