Doing tours of the Burrowing  Owls in Cape Coral has given me the opportunity to see a lot of photographic equipment.  Photographers have arrived with $10,000 camera/lens combinations and others have arrived with only a smart phone in hand.

Many times the guests on my tours have sent me photos of the owls and I must say, there are outstanding photos and there are horrible photos.  I do not consider myself a high-end photographer.  I get a lot more terrible shots than I do great shots (at least ones that I consider great!). People often ask what lens to bring and I always say that most of the time we are about 20 feet from the owls, so a mega long lens is not necessary, but a lot of photographers still like to use them.  A variety of lenses is always appropriate in case you get a Kodak moment and need to switch lenses.  We are never very far from our transportation, so switching lenses is not a big deal.

With that said, may a make a suggestion  on an awesome camera.  The Canon PowerShot SX50 HS 12MP Digital Camera

This camera is what is known as a bridge camera. Bridge cameras do just what they say, bridge between a user-friendly point and shoot camera and the extended features of a DSLR camera.  They are usually a little lighter than an equivalent DSLR camera, and take pretty darn good pictures.  With a 28-1200 mm zoom, there isn’t much you are going to miss.  Traveling with a three foot lens and camera,  plus a tripod isn’t an option for many travelers so the Canon PowerShot SX50, turns out to be an ideal camera to take along on your vacation.  Canon has upgraded this camera to the Powershot SX60 HS, but reports are that it is not as good as the SX50.

This camera can be safely ordered through Amazon using the link below.  Additional information about the camera can be found on Amazon. Purchasing this camera through this website helps the owls. Part of the proceeds from each sale is donated to Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife.