Schiess: Burrowing Owls Arrive, Entertain

This a cute story from an east Idaho newspaper. Two burrowing owls were caught in a snow storm.

Upper Nicola band reintroduces burrowing owl to reserve lands

In Canada, the  Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of British Columbia is working very hard to protect the Burrowing Owls that live there.  Click the title to read the article about the release of 6 Burrowing Owls on Indian Land near Merritt, BC.  Three males and three females were released in the hopes that they will reproduce prior to migrating south.

These birds were raised in captive breeding facilities and will make their new home in artificially-created burrows on the reserve.


Recently Florida Weekly did an article on the Burrowing Owls of  Florida.  This highlights some of the other places where you can locate Burrowing Owls in Southwest Florida.

Lake Superior Zoo Debuts Rare Baby Owls

Cute baby animals are always cause for excitement, but that’s especially true at Duluth’s Lake Superior Zoo, where the public debut of nine burrowing owls is causing quite a buzz.

Even though burrowing owls are native to Minnesota, they’re endangered. Seeing them in the wild is rare, and even finding them in one of the state’s zoos is rare too.

The Lake Superior Zoo is the now the only zoo in Minnesota to be home to burrowing owls. Seven baby owls were hatched there and their nine-member clutch includes mom and dad, too.

Give a hoot: Watch for burrowing owls

Naples Daily News is reporting that volunteers are now monitoring the Burrowing Owls in the City.  Marco Island is home to the second largest population of Burrowing Owls in the State of Florida.

Stowaway Owl Found on World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Check out this news article about a traveling Burrowing Owl.  This little Burrowing Owl was found on a cruise ship and delayed departure until he was removed.

Florida Black Bear Facing Removal from Protected Species List

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is considering upgrading the Burrowing Owl from “a species of special concern” to the threatened list.

Public Art on the Greenway Needs to Grow

Deep in the heart of Boston (MA) is the Rose Kennedy Greenway, (to quote the website) is an area which “encompasses gardens, plazas, and tree-lined promenades, offering beautiful places for relaxation within an urban environment. ” Critics of the park say the art in this, and other Boston parks is “stodgy”. The conservancy that over looks the park, has decided to upgrade the park’s art.  One of the artists chosen to add a sculpture to the park is Sam Easterson who’s sculpture“Burrowing Owl makes direct eye contact with the viewer, veritably inviting us into its lair”.  This is a coup for the Burrowing Owl since the Burrowing Owl is not native to Massachusetts or the northeast for that matter.

To read the entire article, visit the link and scroll to page 3.

Squirrel Relocation Program Goes Nuts

Squirrels are being released in the San Diego area in an effort to provide habitat for Burrowing Owl.  Here in Florida, Burrowing Owls dig their own burrows because with soft sand and open land, this is quite an easy task.  Out west is a different story.  The western Burrowing Owl takes over abandoned burrows left by prairie dogs, and other ground dwelling animals.  Apparently the ground squirrel digs a labyrinth of tunnels which are great homes for the owls.

This release program is the first of its kind in California.

Book-loving student helps Catonsville Education Center library turn over new leaf

This is a feel good story about child making a difference.  It isn’t totally about owls, but the book Hoot, by Carl Hiaasen is mentioned in the article.

Burrowing owl feels the squeeze in Otay Mesa

This is an interesting article about a town in California that is having an ongoing battle with the city, businesses, developers, the local airport and the Burrowing Owls.

It shows a neat artificial burrow that has been built on land that was set aside for the preservation of several protected species, when a road was cut through critical habitat.

Burrowing Owl Population Grows On Marco Island

Marco Island Florida, which is about a 45 minute drive south from Cape Coral, is home to what is probably the second largest population of the Florida Burrowing Owl.  They estimate that they have about 400 owls living in 150 burrows.  Years ago the City of Marco Island contacted Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife to help them establish a program to help the Burrowing Owls they have in the city.  As with many things, the employee that was responsible for the program moved on to a new job and the Burrowing Owl project fell to the wayside.  But recently, a group of volunteers, with the help of the Audubon Society, renewed their interest in helping out their fine little feathered friends.  Read about their efforts to protect this species of special concern.