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Just when you thought you heard it all, something new comes down the pike. First off, thanks to the Federal Migratory Act, it is illegal to own a wild animal/bird in the United States, but in other countries it is quite legal. A gentleman in Tokyo owned a pet owl, and often walked the streets with the owl.  It naturally drew a lot of attention, so he decided to capitalize on the interest in this owl and he opened a cafe called Fukuro no Mise.  I had know idea what this means and the internet translators don’t appear to know either, but I have since found out that it means “Cafe of the Owls”,  At any rate, this cafe is an actual owl cafe. It has  live owls that patrons can interact with. For a good deal of money, you can have a Great Horned Owl sit on your shoulder.

This cafe gets a 5 star rating, and it is nearly impossible to get a seat.  They do not take reservations either.  You just have to hope there is an opening.

There are Burrowing Owls at this cafe, but is certainly makes me sad to see them tethered to a perch.  I am glad this thing is not allowed in the Untied States, but with the population density in Tokyo, this is probably the only way some people will ever get to see a bird, let alone an owl.

Fukuro no mise
Photo from Enable Japan

The owls in this photo are called Little Owls (athene noctua).  They are closely related to the Burrowing Owls of the Americas.  These little guys are cavity nesters and apparently do not dig burrows like our Burrowing Owls do.  Read more about the Little Owl on the Owl Pages. The Owl Pages is a great site with information on probably every owl in existence.

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