Are You Killing the Burrowing Owls?

In the western portion of the U.S. and Canada, one of the biggest threats to the Burrowing Owl is that they are being poisoned by the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Burrowing Owls, historically follow disturbed lands. Plowed agricultural lands have been one of thier prime habitats, but the use of pesticides and fertilizers are causing severe reductions in the Burrowing Owl populations.

Many countries and states here in the U.S. have recognized the harm that pesticides and fertilizers are causing to wildlife, humans and our water supply, and have either banned thier use, or limited the time and amount that these toxic chemicals can be applied.

Are you killing the Burrowing Owls and other wildlife by using fertilizers and pesticides on your lawns? If you really care about the environment, one way to help protect it is by using best management practices when it comes to your yard.

The use of native plants is one way to protect our wildlife and our environment.  Sue Scott, long time champion of the Burrowing Owl here in Cape Coral, has been a long time advocate of restoring landscapes with the use of native plants.  Her new website “Back Ten Feet” will be teaching people how to “have sustainable landscapes” and how you can garden in your back yard at lower cost, and with less work.  Watch episode 1 of Sue’s new series below. Take some time to watch this informative video and follow Sue’s advice to make your home more eco-friendly.

Sue Scott’s Back Ten Feet Video