Burrowing Owls Mating

Burrowing Owls mate for life, but unfortunately the life span of these owls can be quite short due to predation and car strikes.  Very often one of the mates are killed and the remaining owl needs to find a mate.

The male is the one that actively seeks a mate throughout the night. He can be heard calling coo coo, coo coo, coo coo, and I mean all night.  The first year we had owls, it was in late January that a male Burrowing Owl appeared on my lawn and took over the burrow on our front lawn.

Living in Florida has its perks but we often have  with a lot of company.  While we were enjoying company from up North, the owl called all night in front of our guests bedroom window.  Since the weather is often very beautiful here in the winter, the windows were open and the owl kept our house guests up most of the night.  Our neighbor next door had the same problem and both of them were going to fricassee both the owl and me!!

Fortunately it wasn’t long before the owl found a mate, and the result was 5 beautiful chicks that year.