Shades of Hoot

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For those of you who haven’t read the book “Hoot” by Carl Hiaasen, it is a book about 3 kids who try to save Burrowing Owl habitat from destruction when developers want to build Mother Paula’s Pancake House on the property. Today in the news, a real life scenario is taking place in Las Vegas, […]

They are doing it again!

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You have to wonder sometimes. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, has issued a permit to allow a landfill to be built on the St. John’s River wetlands near Jacksonville.  Hello! This is a wetland area.  Not only is it home to some at risk species such as the Woodstork, the American Kestrel and our beloved […]

Cape Coral Burrowing Owls on NatGeoWild

Cape Coral Burrowing Owls In the News

The Burrowing Owls of Cape Coral made national television.  NatGeoWild has a new show called the United States of Animals.  This past Fridays” show May 6th 2016, The Wolves of Wall Street, had a segment on the Burrowing Owls of Cape Coral.  Several members of Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife had cameo appearances on the […]

Rare Burrowing Owl Spotted in Eastern North Carolina

Cape Coral Burrowing Owls In the News

A rare sighting of a Burrowing Owl was recently reported in the Charlotte (NC) Observer.  Taylor Piephoff, a “naturalist with an interest in the birds and wildlife of the southern Piedmont, wrote about the Burrowing Owl spotted at Wrightsville Beach. Taylor reports that the last Burrowing Owl seen in North Carolina was  44 years ago,   […]

2016 Nesting Season has Begun

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  NESTING SEASON IS HERE March and April is the height of nesting season for the Burrowing Owls.  This burrow gets the award this year for the most decorated.     One burrow even had a full corn cob that the owls brought to the nest.  Too funny.                 […]

Owls and Farmers

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Owls, especially Barn Owls have incredible vision and hearing, have  sharp talons, and they love to eat mice.  And if that isn’t enough, their feather structure allows them to fly silently through the skies. These attributes make them very good hunters and they love to eat rodents.  A  recent study by Israeli scientists  found that when barn […]

Some Interesting Numbers

Cape Coral Burrowing Owls In the News

Some Interesting Numbers Cape Coral is 100 square miles in size which is 64,000 acres.  The Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge is around 2200 acres.  Cape Coral has and estimated 1000-1500 Burrowing Owls spread over those 64.000 acres.  The Salton Sea NWR has 8000 Burrowing Owls spread over 2200 acres and is home to […]


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Just when you thought you heard it all, something new comes down the pike. First off, thanks to the Federal Migratory Act, it is illegal to own a wild animal/bird in the United States, but in other countries it is quite legal. A gentleman in Tokyo owned a pet owl, and often walked the streets […]