When is the best time to see the Burrowing Owls?

The Burrowing Owls in Florida do not migrate and they are diurnal (active during the day) rather than nocturnal like most owls.  They can readily be seen sitting near their burrows just about any time of the day, but the time of year dictates which of the owls you will see.


September – January:  Single owls whose mates have not survived the previous year, pairs that have survived the summer, and the juveniles from the previous spring who are fully grown, can often be seen at the burrows.

January-February: Your will see the adult pairs hanging out in front of the burrow and often sitting on the perches near the burrows.

February-March: You will see an occasional pair, but mostly single males guarding the burrows.

April-June: you will begin to see the chicks along with the parents.

Summer months:  There will be fewer owls seen as they like to hide in the bushes and other cool places to keep out of the sun.

The best time of day to see the owls is, in my humble opinion, is the morning.  The afternoons can get quite hot, and the owls like to get out of the sun into a cool spot.  Photographers like that “golden hour” just after sunrise and just before sunset to get their best shots.

Rain doesn’t deter them either.  They seem to like the rain, and are often seen in torrential downpours, sitting on their perches, as if taking a shower. The cold weather we often experience in the winter doesn’t bother the owls much.  You will see them sitting at the burrow, all puffed up, keeping warm. The burrow below looks as if it had snowed  in Florida.  This is actually decoration  placed there by the owls.

Snow in Florida???
Snow in Florida???