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Murray the Burrowing Owl


An article appeared in UK website about a Burrowing Owl that is used to help people who suffer from depression and dementia, helping them to relax. The little Burrowing Owl was named after a Scottish tennis star, Andy Murray, who evidently is very popular in the UK. A new book is coming out about Murray […]

What’s Up

From the Internet Photos

Check out the cute photo of a Burrowing Owl doing the famous head tilt.  Too cute! What’s Up by Rob Palmer Photography

Migratory Bird Treaty is 100 Years Old


As far back as 1916, people recognized the need to protect birds. The United States, Great Britain and Canada and in later years, Mexico, Russia and Japan, signed the agreement which laid the cornerstone of the efforts to protect migratory birds around the world. There are two sub-species of Burrowing Owl in the United States, […]

Sleeping Beauty


Normally we start to see Burrowing Owl chicks starting in April, but this year we have had some early nesters.  Found this little chick taking an afternoon nap.  Shortly after this picture was taken the chick fell hard asleep and fell into the burrow head over heels. Of course I didn’t have my camera ready […]

Do Burrowing Owls Mate for Life?

Cape Coral Burrowing Owls Photos

One of the frequent questions I get asked is if Burrowing Owls mate for life.  Well yes they do.  In the wild the life span of the Burrowing Owl is about 8 years, but the real survival rate is much less.  The owls do form a tight family bond with the chicks for the first year, […]

Rare Burrowing Owl Spotted in Eastern North Carolina

Cape Coral Burrowing Owls In the News

A rare sighting of a Burrowing Owl was recently reported in the Charlotte (NC) Observer.  Taylor Piephoff, a “naturalist with an interest in the birds and wildlife of the southern Piedmont, wrote about the Burrowing Owl spotted at Wrightsville Beach. Taylor reports that the last Burrowing Owl seen in North Carolina was  44 years ago,   […]

2016 Nesting Season has Begun

Cape Coral Burrowing Owls In the News Photos

  NESTING SEASON IS HERE March and April is the height of nesting season for the Burrowing Owls.  This burrow gets the award this year for the most decorated.     One burrow even had a full corn cob that the owls brought to the nest.  Too funny.                 […]

Love Those Eyes

Cape Coral Burrowing Owls Photos

  I love taking photos of the Burrowing Owl’s eyes and with my Canon SX-50 mega zoom, I don’t have to get very close.  I recently stumbled upon a website with lots of close up photos of Burrowing Owls gleaned from the Internet.  Even one of my black-eyed owls is in the collection. (which I […]

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