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Aruba issued four stamps March 31 featuring its burrowing owl.

The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance says of this owl: “The Dutch Caribbean islands are renowned for their rich and unique biodiversity, and for good reason. The Aruban Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia arubensis), known locally as Shoco, is an endemic sub-species of burrowing owl that occurs only on Aruba.

“This small, buffy-colored owl is unmistakable because of its large, round yellow eyes, prominent whitish eyebrows and unusually long grey legs. Burrowing Owls get their common name from their unusual habit of nesting underground in already dug-out burrows, although they are known to occasionally dig out their own.”

The alliance adds that this owl is endangered with only about 200 pairs remaining in the wild.

In 2012, this owl was declared a national symbol of Aruba.

Armando Goedgedrag designed the four stamps: 140¢, 200¢, 320¢ and 600¢. Joh. Enschede printed them by offset in sheets of 25.

A close-up of an owl’s eye is pictured on the cachet on the first-day cover from Aruba Post.


Aruba Burrowing Owl Stamparuba burrowing owl

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