Below are interesting articles about the owls that you

should find interesting reading.

Owls and Poop

One of the coolest things about the Burrowing Owl is that they collect poop.

Do Burrowing Owls Mate for Life?

Yes, they do, but the life span of a Burrowing Owl can be quite short.

Burrowing Owls and the Rain

What happens when it rains?  Do the Owls drown?

Cats and the Burrowing Owls

Cats, even domestic cats, kill millions of birds worldwide.

Owl Pellets

Like all owls, the Burrowing Owls regurgitate undigested food, giving an insight as to what they eat.

Owls With Black Eyes

In several sections of Florida, Burrowing Owls with very dark eyes have been seen.